Endoscopy Course Syllabus


Didactic Session

Introduction to endoscopic hardware

Step by step live demonstration of Diagnostic upper GI endoscopy cases

Hands on experience in simulators (Upper GI & Colon)

Lecture Modules

Tips and Tricks of Upper GI Endoscopy

Setting of an Endoscopy Suite

Step by step approach to upper GI endoscopy & image orientation

Endoscope cleaning and maintenance


Didactic Session

Demonstration of diagnostic GI Endoscopy

Hands on diagnostic upper GI endoscopy under supervision

Hands on experience in simulator (Upper GI & Colon)

Lecture Modules

Endoscopy : when to do and when not to do

Drugs used during endoscopy

Complications of Endoscopy

Endoscopy recording and Documentation


Didactic Session

Live Diagnostic & Therapeutic Endoscopic Procedures

Assessment and theory examination (MCQ)

Assessment with endoscopy simulators

Viva/ Log Book Submission

Lecture Modules

Endoscopy Pathology

Overview of Therapeutic endoscopy

Advances of endoscopy: ERCP/NOTES

Role of endoscopy in Upper GI malignancy

FB removal: Tips and Tricks

Endoscopy Laparoscopy Interface