Eligibility criteria for


IAGES membership is mandatory

To become a member visit

Non Exam Category

To recognize their contribution to the field of minimal access surgery, the association awards the fellowship to senior laparoscopic surgeons without examination.

Minimum 10 years experience practicing laparoscopic surgery post MS/DNB

Performed more than 250 laparoscopic surgeries supported with evidence or undertaking

Attend lectures on the first 2 days and live workshop on the 3rd day

Exam Category

Completed MS/DNB as of January 2019

Performed 25 laparoscopic procedures independently or jointly

Attend lectures on the first 2 days and live workshop on the 3rd day

Attend endo-trainer and meet the professor sessions

Written exam

There will be short essay or MCQ type questions for 100 marks. Candidates are required to obtain a minimum of 50 marks to pass. Answers should be brief and to the point.

Practical exam

The skill assessment on endo-trainer is based on performing simple to advanced exercises, approximately 10 minutes for each candidate. Maximum of 50 marks is allotted to endo-trainer assessment. Each candidate will be assessed by one examiner.

Interview / assessment for approximately 10 minutes for each candidate. The candidates are divided into batches and are interviewed by two or more faculty members of IAGES. Maximum of 50 marks are allotted for the interview. Total marks for practical examinations is 100 (Endo-trainer assessment - 50 marks and interview - 50 marks). A minimum of 50 marks is required to pass in the practical exam separately.

Instructions to the participants

Registration starts at 8 am on 4th January 2019

Live operative workshop at conference venue will start at 8.00 am sharp and will end at 2.00 pm on 6th January 2019.

Attendance is compulsory for all FIAGES course participants on all days.

Sign in and sign out register will be maintained. The marks will be awarded for the attendance as well.

Recommended reading material for the FIAGES Examination

Comprehensive laparoscopic surgery ( can be downloaded from our website : www.iages.in )

Textbook of laparoscopic surgery by Dr. T.E. Udwadia

The SAGES manual

Laparoscopic surgery by Dr. Alferd Cuschieri

Laparoscopic surgery by Zucker & Baily

Fellowship Award

All fellowship certificates will be given only in person, to the successful candidates in a grand convocation ceremony held during the national conference of IAGES. A nominal convocation fee will be charged